Traumatic circumstances within my family have led to the heartbreaking, involuntary separation of LEO and I. After emotional ‘discussions’ over the direction of my Dad’s care, I was told it was best that I move on & move out. Since I was caught completely off guard and had no place to go, they insisted that LEO stay behind until I could figure out my next step. So now I’m 3,000+ miles away in a place where I’m completely alone. I’m totally lost without LEO and it’s my understanding that he just roams around all day looking for me, whimpering.I’ve depleted all of my savings these past 11 years that I’ve taken care of my ailing, elderly parents (my Mom passed 8 years ago, and I’ve been taking care of my Dad ever since). As soon as I have the means, I will get a plane ticket, a U-Haul truck (with packing supplies) and whatever else I need to get my boy back!So it is with great humility that I ask you, my InstaFamily, to help me reunite with my LEO so that he and I can start a new life together. We love our InstaFamily! Words can not adequately express how much we appreciate your friendship and support. THANK YOU! This is the link to help them: